Canon Eos R5: A Glimpse Into Future of Videography

canon eos r5
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Recently launched two latest mirrorless Canon full-frame cameras are packed with more advanced features. The Canon Eos R5 is the most advanced one and packed with industry-leading features. And the second, the Eos R6 will be portrayed as its smaller sibling. Not only that, but the cameras from canon are also interesting this time considering what they are offering.

We will see what and how canon offered in these two cameras. And is it serving as it is been promised by canon? Also, there is strong competition for these canon cameras. All these updates from different manufacturers are setting new standards. Moreover, they are indicating something very exciting stuff that we are demanding for a long time. Then let’s see all about this below.

Overview: Canon Eos R5 & R6

In Shorts

  • Canon Eos R5 is mostly a videography centric camera which is highly demanded for a long time.
  • Many new interesting updates revealed from canon after these launches

Everyone who has been following canon camera updates for a long time knows how deliberate canon is when it comes to updating features in its latest cameras. But surprisingly Canon adds a big update to its full-frame mirrorless cameras lineup. And it is by now as you have guessed is Canon eos R5. In addition to this, along with eos r5, canon also launched another full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon Eos R6.

This time canon’s focus is largely on adding better videography capabilities in any of its latest cameras. For example, with Canon eos R5, canon offers 8K RAW capabilities out of the box. Moreover, it offers 4K 120p video recording with enormous improvements. So, can we draw any conclusion or guess about the future of videography with all these changes?

Canon Eos R5 Specifications

As the demand for better quality video content increases, many digital camera manufacturers like Sony, Nikon & Canon were forced to add better videography features in recent cameras. Canon is infamous for delaying additions of new features in its mid-range cameras. And we don’t like this. But this is not the case this time. Canon eos R5 comes with a better set of specifications both in shooting photos and videos.

  • 45-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC X processor
  • 5.76-million dot OLED EV
  • Bodyweight (Including battery and memory card) – 738g
  • 20 frames per second
  • 12 fps mechanical shutter
  • Full Frame internal 8K RAW video
  • 24/25/30p 12-bit RAW video
  • Full Frame 4K/120P video- 4:2:2 10-bit high frame-rate video
  • 8-stop Image Stabilizer
  • ISO 100-51,200
  • 5940 autofocus selection positions
  • 1 CFexpress and 1 SD card slots

Other specifications include always-on Bluetooth Low Energy connection, Dual-band 2.4GHz, 5GHz Wi-Fi. Support for FTP and FTPS for fast secure image delivery.

Canon Eos R5 Price in India

All this comes at a considerably high price as well. The Canon Eos R5 Price in India is around Rs. 3,35,000 for Body only. In Comparison, Canon Eos R6 is priced at Rs. 2,15,000 in India.

Canon Eos R5 Review

In shorts

  • These Canon’s two new full-frame mirrorless cameras show promising improvements compared to its launches in the past
  • So that, can we expect the same in canon future mid-rangers?

Canon Eos R5 is a full-frame mirrorless camera recently launched by canon. Its specifications are listed above. And one of its most highlighted features is about shooting videos. The 8K video recording ability of this camera that too with a very minor crop. Canon Eos R5 can shoot 8K up to 30 fps RAW footage and highly demanded 4K high fps video recording. The Eos R5 comes with a 45 MP CMOS full-frame sensor backed by Digic X processor.

Design overview of Canon Eos R5

In shorts

  • Addition of dual card slots ( 1 CFexpress and 1 SD card slot )
  • Weather sealed body
  • As usual great ergonomics

As usual, this time also canon has not compromised on design and ergonomics side of its cameras. The body is weather sealed which is expected in professional photography cameras and ergonomics are well suited with canon’s similar category of cameras. This time also you don’t need to worry about the quality of materials or critical functionalities.

Speaking about the battery, the new high-capacity LP-E6NH battery features an increased 2130mAh capacity, allowing you to shoot more and do more with the EOS R5. To compare it with canon Eos R battery it is a bit more offering from canon. Canon Eos R has LP-E6N battery pack with 1865mAh capacity.

Features Overview

Shooting Photos with Eos R5

Shooting photos with Eos R5 got even friendlier with the new autofocusing system from canon. With Eos R5 canon gives us New AF system, and its called Dual Pixel CMOS AF II for Eye, Face & Head Detection, Animal Detection AF and more. Its additional feature for hassle-free photography and provides you with an upper hand over the rest while making it easier to focus.

Most Highlighted Feature: Video shooting

Shooting HQ videos is the most highlighted feature on canon Eos R5. Moreover, it is also the main feature which is the focus of this whole post. 8K 30P & 4K 120p is what we are talking about. Here if we have to speak about practicality, then most of us will us 4K more than 8K. And Eos R5 has 4K 120fps shooting but with time limits. But at least canon offering High fps shooting which is a positive sign.

Can we expect the same in canon future mid-rangers?

You can say it as a lazy development from canon in the past with its cameras or its inability to provide us with most demanding features. Though, this time canon takes a significant leap in its development and provides great video recording and photography capabilities with the latest full-frame mirrorless cameras. And it is not general development considering canon’s plans in the past. For instance, you can look back at cameras like canon eos 200d II or canon M50.

Both these cameras offer 4k 30p but with a huge crop. They were poorly satisfying needs of end-users with videography capabilities. For instance, they have poor Auto-Focusing system and lower AF point count providing lesser control over both videos and shooting photos which is not enough in these times.

Sony started filling this increasing void between demands and offered specs. Canon seems to be responding to these demands actively now. For example, it’s Sony a6400 and a6600 are far better with shooting videos in comparison with Canon Eos 90d and Eos M6 Mark II.

Performance Review and competitors comparison

In Shorts:

  • Canon Eos R5 has strong competition from recently launched Sony a7s III
  • Rumoured Sony a7000 will also present significant competition for upcoming rumoured cameras like canon Eos M7 or Eos M50 Mark II.
  • This healthy competition will offer essential updates to end-users like us.
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Performance Review of Canon Eos R5

Mirrorless cameras when first launched were focused mostly on cutting down the camera sizes. Performance and its true potential were compromised for the design change. But, today that’s not the case. Every camera manufacturer nowadays started focusing on performance. Moreover, features in demand are now well addressed by these manufactures like Canon, Sony & Nikon.

We can see the DSLR form factor now with newly launching mirrorless designs. Which means more size for bigger batteries and viewfinder added again in some of the latest designs. Reports say the performance of Eos R5 is as per claims of Canon at the time of launch. Some reports are also saying about overheating in 8K and HQ 4K recording. But to sum up, overheating doesn’t look like a serious issue with canon Eos R5. Even Canon in its launch event put forth recording time limits and which are acceptable for such specifications and high megapixels sensor. Both Human and animal AF works quite good.

Comparison With Possible Competitors

Sony recently launched its full frame mirrorless, the Sony A7s III is a direct competitor to Canon Eos R5. It has 12 MP image sensor and it comes with 4K 120p video shooting option.

Considering sensor in Sony A7s III, you might have guessed by now that it won’t overheat and that’s true as well. It doesn’t overheat. It has no time limit for 4K 60p and 30 minutes of time limit for 4K 120p which is a really great performance. Also, it offers full HD 240p recording which is another highlight for creators out there.


To sum up all, Canon Eos R5 is a great camera that makes us think positive about declining interchangeable lens cameras market. It shows promising signs for the future mid rangers and anyone who wants to buy a decent interchangeable lens camera should wait for exciting updates to come in future about great features. All these become famous features when they become available to more affordable cameras in future and this is the right time for adding these features to APSC cameras. What do you think about future mid ranger cameras from canon and Sony? Tell us in comments below.

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