canon eos r6 review

Canon Eos R6 Review: Will It Rule The Mirrorless?

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Will Canon Eos R6 Be Your Next Camera?

Canon has launched its two flagship full-frame mirrorless cameras recently. The Canon Eos R5 and Canon Eos R6. And both possess exciting new feature sets. But the camera that’s going to have more spotlight is the Canon Eos R6. You will probably go for eos r6 instead of the eos r5 because of its perfect price for the features or the specifications it is offering.

Canon Eos R6 Review

Since after the launch of Eos R6, it has not been tested well in real world conditions. But from initial impressions and hands on we can predict much more even now.

Plus Points of Eos R6

  • The best option for the right price at the right specifications.
  • 4K 60p Video recording option available
  • Has the strong potential to compete with its counterparts

Cons of Eos R6

  • 4k overheating at high Fps*
  • Short Time Limit over 4k recording

*according to recent reports

Specifications: Canon Eos R6

Canon has managed to put forth the right combination of price and specifications in this specific camera. This camera has everything that anyone can dream of. It has 4k 60 fps video recording option, 5 axes In-body image stabilization (IBIS). All You need will be there in this camera or in a perfect camera in these days. Here are all its major specifications.

  • Approx. 598 g (680 g with card and battery)
  • 20fps silent shooting + Plus a 12fps mechanical shutter when you need it
  • ISO 102,400
  • 4K up to 60p
  • 20-megapixel resolution
  • DIGIC X image processor
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Above are stated specifications of this camera for you. And they are certainly looking promising on paper. But it has competition from Sony.

4k video recording at 60 fps is one of the highlights of canon’s eos r6. It has a 20.1 Megapixel full-frame sensor. This could be a downside of this camera as higher megapixels count will lead to more processing loads and overheating. Its dual pixel CMOS AF II is able to recognize and track eyes, faces and animals. This is also one of the best improvements over previous technology. R6 has IBIS with eos r5.

Performance: Canon Eos R6

Canon managed to balance performance by hardware adjustments like reducing megapixels count. This camera might perform better with its specification set. Sony also walked on the same lines, further reducing megapixels count in Sony a7s iii to 12 megapixels. The real question is whether canon eos r6 has managed to get that right balance?

Sony A7s iii stills performance has compromised with this new 12 megapixels sensor. This may not be the case with canon eos r6 because of its slightly higher megapixels count.

Real Competitor to Eos R6 - The Sony A7s III

We have seen all the possible good things of Eos R6. But it has real competition from Sony. Sony has newly launched its flagship full-frame mirrorless, the Sony A7s III. And Sony similarly managed its camera to surely stay in this competition with canon. Sony a7s mark 3 focuses more on videography features like eos r6. This time sony’s camera looks more impressive because of new additions to its usability and overall improved design.

Sony A7s III features and specifications

This time Sony totally focused on a massive change in video capabilities of any of its camera.

  • 12 Mp new sensor
  • 4k 120p video recording
  • Full hd 120p
  • Improved AF
  • Huge design change

Sony a7s III comes with its pros and cons similar to Canon Eos R6. Sony has added 12 Megapixel full-frame sensor to its a7s mark 3 compared to canon eos r6 20.1-megapixel sensor. Reports suggesting towards better performance of Sony a7s iii over canon’s eos R6. Especially when considered overheating and time limits at higher resolution and frame rates. While Sony a7s iii has low-resolution image capability for stills and slightly higher pricing than the predecessor.

For full review of Sony A7s III click here.

Canon Eos R6 conclusion

Eos R6 can be a great camera and canon has tried its best to come up with the right combination to get the best performance out of the box. In real-world condition actual performance needs to be tested more. This will tell us its actual capabilities. Now, it is the competition between canon eos r5, r6 and Sony a7s iii.

But with eos r6, canon has started working on regaining its undisputed leadership in the digital camera market.

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