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What Will Latest Tiger Lake Intel CPU, XE GPUs Offer to You?

The information about tiger lake intel CPU and xe GPUs was shared by the company on intel’s Architecture Day 2020. Company has been naming its IC development projects using names of towns and geography that lies near Intel and are useful for producing such powerful ICs.

This time Intel will offer its 11th generation processors with some improvements. New processors from intel will use 10 nm superFin manufacturing process. SuperFin manufacturing process is intel’s third-generation IC manufacturing process. The process, intel will use to manufacture intel’s tiger lake CPUs is the 10 nm Superfin manufacturing process.

HIGHLIGHTS about Intel Tiger Lake CPU and Xe GPUs.

Highlights In Short:

  • 11th generation Intel CPUs to come in September 2020
  • We can expect Tiger Lake CPUs to perform far better than its predecessors.
  • Xe graphics from intel revealed.

Intel concludes Architecture day 2020 with information about its upcoming launches and technologies. Company spokes about its tiger lake processors and its plans of adding new GPUs with its Xe graphics lineup.

intel architecture day

Senior Engineers at Intel, Raja Koduri, Senior VP and chief architect graphics, and software, shared this information at Architecture day 2020. Intel wants to stay competitive in the market and taking necessary actions with its products with this Intel CPU and GPU lineup.

11th Gen Tiger Lake Intel CPU

The biggest announcement is about its upcoming tiger lake chips. These can become intel’s 11th generation processors. Intel’s new willow cove architecture built on a new manufacturing process will power these chips. And company says that it will be its third generation 10 nm Superfin manufacturing process. Intel promises a lot of increase in processing power over the current chips in the market.

These processors will be manufactured using a 10 nm process. Although there is a more advanced 7 nm process available for manufacturing chips which is more advanced than intel’s process. Still, Intel expects better performance in frequency clocks. These new CPUs are expected to perform better than existing 10th generation of Intel CPUs.

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Intel Xe GPUs

The company also plans to produce discrete graphics cards, DG1, under Xe GPUs lineup. These will not be high-end graphics cards. But, can be able to give better thermal performance over the integrated Xe graphics cards. Intel also announced that these new cards will use GDDR6 memory and support hardware ray tracing.

Intel also claims that its new integrated graphics cards, Xe GPUs can perform far better than existing integrated Intel GPUs.

New integrated graphics by intel will perform and can run today’s heavy games like Grid, Battlefield v and others at high resolutions of 1080p. Intel Xe graphics can run these games now interestingly with 15W power system. For more information on intel’s new chips follow below links.

More about Intel Tiger Lake CPUs

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