Sony A7s III & Eos R5: Digital Camera World Is About To Change.

Sony A7s III
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Sony A7s III and Canon Eos R5: Start of New Mirrorless War

In August 2020, Sony announced its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Sony A7s III. Canon before announced Canon eos R5, its full frame mirrorless flagship camera. The Canon Eos R5 shoots 8K 30fps raw video and that too internally. While sony’s A7s III can record up to 4K 120p video.

With Sony A7s III, Sony Gives Hard Competition To Canon.

For a long time, users of digital cameras have been asking for better video recording preferences. With the introduction of large tv screens and demand for higher resolution content, it is inevitable for digital camera makers to introduce these features in cameras now.

But the leader in the DSLR market, Canon, was not that enthusiastic about adding these much needed features to its camera lineups.

For example, the canon had not added or gave a thought to improving video shooting capabilities of its high end and higher midrange cameras. Canon should have added 4k 60p without crop and full autofocus features in its most famous canon 90d model. But it failed.

Thanks to Sony that it is giving much-needed competition to Canon and its lineup. And canon seems to be paying attention to sony’s aggressive camera lineup starting with canon eos r6 and eos r5.

With Sony A7s III, Sony offers what is practical

With Sony A7s iii, Sony offers what is practical. And with canon eos r5, canon showed what is possible.

By meaning a practical solution, is to shoot the highest possible video resolution without overheating. And first impressions of Sony a7s mark 3 looks promising here.

Also, Sony a7s iii’s 4k 60p shooting over an over is a great option. And it is way too long considering canon eos r5 limits. Shooting 4K high fps without overheating is a great practical solution.

But that doesn’t mean that canon eos r5 has serious overheating problems. Canon has clearly mentioned in its online launch event time limits for specific video recording options.

Canon Eos R5 offers what is possible

Canon eos r5 is great full frame mirrorless camera. With it canon really tried to maintain its leading position in digital camera market.

For example, Canon was not ready before to put forth such massive improvement in its cameras. Like any of its cameras. It wants them to be photography focused cameras only. But as mentioned earlier Sony pulled canon into this competition and rules out canon’s uninterrupted lead in digital camera market.

Canon or any digital camera manufacturer for the first time added 8K video recording and that too with raw format support. This is what canon has achieved in recent year. Also this is all with a 45 Mp full-size sensor.

Now, canon offers what is possible to it. Because of sony’s aggressive competition. Canon forced by Sony to offer all this. And we expect the same offerings from canon in its mid-range and higher mid-range cameras.

Canon Eos R5 major Improvements

  • 8K 30Fps Raw video recording option (up to 5 to 10 *minutes)
  • 4k 120p (up to *15 minutes)
  • Full HD 120p
  • 45 Mp sensor
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Sony A7s iii major improvements

  • 4K 120p Video Recording (up to *30 min.)
  • 4k 60p over an *hour without overheating
  • Full HD 120P
  • 12 Mp sensor
  • Full touch screen control

(*initial reports)

What all this means to digital camera world

We always look at the highest offerings from any digital camera manufacturer to guess what it can offer to its lower end or mid-range camera models. This is true for every camera manufacturer. Be it Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm or someone else.

For example, Canon Eos 90D, Canon M6 mark 2 and Canon Eos 850D are the recently launched higher mid-range and mid-range DSLRs from canon. You can look at their specifications and can easily say how messed up blends they are delivering.

Canon 850D supposed to be providing at least full hd 120fps video recording with full AF option. But it’s only giving you 1080p 60fps, which is not according to the competition. And Canon 90D should be providing 4k 60fps minimum.

Sony, on the other hand, has been going smooth. Sony seems to be avoiding any complaints from the specifications side in its mid-range and higher mid range categories. With its famous Sony a6400 and Sony a6600, it has proved that in the past.

These changes might reflect in the upcoming rumoured canon eos m7 and Sony a7000 APS-C cameras. But, from now on we can expect this not to happen, especially in the mid-range and higher mid-rangers. The launch of both Sony a7s iii and canon eos r5 will sure change the digital camera world, including features that are required for a long time in mid range canon and Sony cameras.

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